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Executive Team

  • Bilde av Kjetil Houg

    Kjetil Houg

    Chief Executive Officer

    Kjetil Houg took up the post of Folketrygdfondet CEO on 1 September 2018, having previously worked as an investment director at Oslo Pensjonsforsikring, as chief economist at Alfred Berg/ABN AMRO Bank, as chief economist and fund manager at Folketrygdfondet and as a political adviser in the Storting, the Norwegian parliament. Kjetil Houg holds an economics degree from the University of Oslo. He has also served on various boards, shareholder committees and nomination committees of major Norwegian companies.
  • Bilde av Nils Bastiansen

    Nils Bastiansen

    Chief Investment Officer Equities

    Nils H. Bastiansen has worked for Folketrygdfondet since 1995. Before joining the organisation, he was a stockbroker at Unibank Securities in Copenhagen and DnB Fonds in Oslo. Bastiansen holds a Master of Business and Marketing from Handelsakademiet in Oslo, and a Master of International Management degree from Thunderbird School of Global Management, Arizona, USA. He is also an authorised financial analyst with a Master of Business Administration in finance from Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration in Bergen.
  • Bilde av Jørgen Krog Sæbø

    Jørgen Krog Sæbø

    Chief Investment Officer Fixed Income

    Jørgen Krog Sæbø has worked for Folketrygdfondet since 2007, initially as a financial analyst in the operations department. He then moved into portfolio management, first as a fixed income portfolio manager and later as chief treasurer. Krog Sæbø holds a master’s degree from the Norwegian School of Economics (2007), is authorised as a fixed income analyst by the Norwegian Society of Financial Analysts (2010), is an Certified European Financial Analyst by the Norwegian School of Economics (2016), has completed the Advanced Credit Risk Analysis Program by the Norwegian School of Economics (2017), and has an MBA in finance from the Norwegian School of Economics (2017).
  • Bilde av Jørn Nilsen

    Jørn Nilsen

    Chief Operating Officer

    Jørn Nilsen joined Folketrygdfondet in 1997, having previously worked as a higher executive officer at the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy and as a scholarship holder at the Norwegian School of Economics. Jørn Nilsen holds a Master of Science degree (siviløkonom HAE) from the Norwegian School of Economics and Certified European Financial Analyst (Norwegian School of Economics).
  • Bilde av Jørn Terje Krekling

    Jørn Terje Krekling

    Chief Financial and Risk Officer

    Jørn Terje Krekling joined Folketrygdfondet i 2003, having previously worked as an equity manager at Kreditkassen aktiv forvaltning and Nordeafondene. Jørn Terje Krekling holds an economics degree from the Norwegian School of Economics and an MBA from Bond University. He is also an authorised portfolio manager certified by the Norwegian Society of Financial Analysts.
  • Bilde av Lisbeth Johansen Kvam

    Lisbeth Johansen Kvam

    Chief Performance Officer

    Lisbeth Johansen Kvam joined Folketrygdfondet in 1996. Her previous positions include those of adviser with the City of Oslo and auditor at the Office of the Auditor General of Norway. She holds a Master’s Degree in Business and Economics from Bodø Graduate School of Business and is an authorised portfolio manager (Norwegian Society of Financial Analysts) . Lisbeth Johansen Kvam has studied tourism economics at Sogn og Fjordane University College and has completed the Management programme in teamwork and management at BI Norwegian Business School.
  • Bilde av Christina Stray

    Christina Stray

    Chief Compliance Officer

    Christina Stray has worked for Folketrygdfondet since 2009. Previously, she worked for Oslo Børs ASA as head of the Prospectus and Transactions Department. Before that, she worked in Oslo Børs ASA’s legal department, and for the law firm Wiersholm, Mellbye & Bech. Christina Stray graduated from the University of Oslo with a law degree in 1992, and holds a Master of Laws degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science, where she studied from 1993 to 1994.
  • Bilde av Marika Burvald

    Marika Burvald

    Communications Director

    Marika Burvald joined Folketrygdfondet in 2015. Previously, she worked as Head of Communications for the Norwegian Association of Consulting Engineers, The Norwegian Export Credit Guarantee Agency (GIEK), and the Nordic Council of Ministers' research funding organisation NordForsk. Marika Burvald holds a Cand. Philol. degree in Arts and Letters from the University of Oslo.
  • Karianne Kirstistuen

    HR Manager

    Karianne Kirstistuen joined Folketrygdfondet in 2022. She came from the position of Senior HR Business Partner at TietoEvry. Before that, she worked for Santander Consumer Bank in a similar position. Previously, she also worked for 12 years for the City of Oslo as head of various entities with between 15 and 60 employees in the field of children and upbringing. She has a master’s degree in organisational development and management from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and a foundation course in education and a bachelor’s degree from OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University. She also studied labour law at the University of South-Eastern Norway.