Working for the public good

In order to succeed and fulfil our mandate, our staff must be highly skilled and have business understanding, personal integrity and respect for Folketrygdfondet’s role.

Both when recruiting and when facilitating the further development of the organisation, we emphasise the core values we have defined: expertise, integrity, initiative and consideration.

Folketrygdfondet has invested in companies and markets for a long time, and has wide-ranging insight into Norwegian and Nordic businesses and financial markets. We combine extensive market experience with analysis and flexibility.

Folketrygdfondet is a performance-oriented organisation, and all employees are set goals and assessed on them. Staff are required to know their responsibilities and what the organisation expects of them. Everyone is given influence on their own work within defined frameworks.

Pay comprises a combination of fixed salary, variable salary and pension and insurance schemes.

Professional development

We give great emphasis to providing individual members of staff with opportunities to maintain and further develop their professional skills. That is why we invest considerable resources in continuing education and other skills-building measures.

Ethical standards

In order to meet our responsibilities, we require public confidence and a good reputation. Our aim is to be known for always following best practice as regards business conduct and ethical standards. In our organisation we give great emphasis to building a common understanding of our ethical guidelines.