Changes to the Board of Directors as of 16 May 2023

The Ministry of Finance has appointed Morten Borge as a new member of Folketrygdfondet’s Board of Directors. Siri Teigum has been reappointed as Chair and Tørres Trovik as board member, while Einar Westby and Trond Døskeland will leave the Board.
Morten Borge. Foto: Olav Heggø
Morten Borge. Photo: Ferd/Olav Heggø

All have been appointed for the period 16 May 2023–15 May 2027.

The Ministry of Finance announces that board member Einar Westby and permanent deputy member Trond Døskeland will be leaving the Board as of 16 May 2023.

As of 16 May 2023, the Board of Directors consists of:

Siri Teigum (Chair), cand. jur. and partner, Oslo

Bjørn Østbø (Deputy Chair), business economist and self-employed, Tertnes

Morten Borge, business economist and CEO, Bærum

Frances Eaton, cand. jur. and COO, Stavanger

Liselott Kilaas, M.Sc. in mathematical statistics and CEO, Oslo

Elisabeth Maråk Støle, business economist and CEO, Ålesund

Tørres Trovik, PhD in Finance and adviser, Oslo

The Board will be supplemented by two employee representatives when dealing with administrative matters.